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The right solution for everybody

If your living circumstances are changing significantly it’s important to check the insurance, e.g. when you establish a family, get a child, or start with your own company. We support you to think of everything that is important and that you insure that and only that what you want and you really need that you feel secure.

Suddenly you are in the middle of a massive freeway pileup or your cellar is under water. Keep (and/or scan) all the vouchers of your insured tangible assets because in case of damage it’s much easier to get the compensation e.g. from the household insurance.

You work for about 40 years and need to finance about 60 years with that, i.e. basically you should only spend about CHF 0.66 from every CHF 1 you earn. If you are really aware of this, you will probably start saving at some point, ideally with a tax-beneficial solution.

The advantage of a 3rd pillar with an insurance company is that in case of a long illness they pay the annual amount for you and you reach your savings goal for sure. Have you ever thought about what happens financially when you cannot work due to health reasons for 3 years? The first two years you probably get 80 % from the sick pay insurance, but in the 3rd year you only get 60 % from the 1st and the 2nd pillar. You can close this gap with a disability pension insurance.

These days less people, companies, and authorities do what you want. And sometimes they even want something from you that they basically cannot request. Suddenly you are involved in any demands or you don’t get your right. The lawyer’s costs are extremely high, but payable if you have a legal protection insurance. Get all your important insurance when you are young and your list of problems is small. Because no insurance is willing to insure „a burning house“. At one point in time it’s too late for a good insurance protection and financial security. It’s about your money that you will have or not have in future.